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I stuck up a new about section.  Thus fullfilling the prophacy that I can't have an About Me section without sticking ENORMOUS PARAGRAPHS OF INFORMATION.  Next up I must add an interests section :P

BEHOLD! I eat trees. Like a beaver. (And I'm not even kidding about that; I compulsively gnawed on my bedframe once which made my mom rather annoyed at me, and call me a beaver.)

My name actually is unconnected to that, it came from an NPC from a D&D game I ran. Who did eat trees, and who generally thought that being what your biology said you should be was a terrible idea, and so magically turned themselves into a dragon/water spirit/fey/human hybrid because they could. And who thought they should understand all the experiences and so proceeded to study seven different completely disconnected varieties of magic, and they enjoyed having unpleasant shit happen to them, because, hey, more experiences. (The former character trait actually was strongly predicated on my developing transness, and the latter is well... kind of my personality. "I haven't studied metallurgy lately LET'S DO THAT!~" or "Wait why would I not like having mental issues that make me pathologically unable to clean things? It's so much more interesting this way!")

...I have a pathological inability to clean things, by the way. It's a combination of OCD ("But I can't move that stuff off the floor, it doesn't have any better spot to go!") and ADHD ("I'm done eating, what's next? Hey this plate's in my way, I'll just move it to the floor...")

Any currently I know I am or am pretty certain I am: autistic, ADHD, OCD, borderline, dyslexic, have dyspraxia, relatively serious depression, general and social anxiety, PTSD, hypochondria. Also I have melissiphobia and, um, slime-phobia I don't know the actual name for that but it's pretty serious. Also I'm colorblind, in the sense that I don't see reds nearly as intensely as blues and greens, and myopic, for which I wear glasses.

Also I'm trans and have body dissonance as a result of that. I have two genders (female and androgynous) I generally prefer 'she' as a pronoun.

I mostly write about neurodiversity and transness since that's the general area in which my life is less normative. In the interest of clarity, I am white, USian, culturally middle-class but exceedingly poor, singlet, polyamorous and have a sexuality that is actually exceedingly hard to describe with the available words (we'll try anyway! Panromantic; demisexual with regards to men, normative sexual attraction to other genders, minimal desire to actually have sex; generally identify as lesbian (which as a label fits me like a sock fits a hand) and gray-A, and less often, bisexual)

I also use a Dvorak keymap, mostly just because I want to, but also slightly because it requires less moving your hands about. This may result in, when I'm freaking out or otherwise stressed to the point that correcting typos takes energy that I don't have, that my typos may be a tad idiosyncratic. Also if I go "eouathntnhaeuo" that's a keysmash, not unlike "dsfakjlkljasfd".

And oh look, I replaced this with a memoire (previous it said "I'm not telling, but knowing my habits I'll replace this with a memoire soon".) I AM NOT SURPRISED IN THE LEAST.

Basically yeah.

(Apparently feeling "blah" is not enough to stop me from writing giant essays on a whim. :P)
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