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Okay so every time I talk about my anxiety issues people are always like DEEP BREATHING and MUSCLE RELAXATION which is pretty much impossible for me because I can’t do stuff that slow because I get impatient and um.  When you’re having panic attacks or otherwise anxious, YEAH THAT DOES THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT ITS SUPPOSED TO.

Anyway I guess, anyone with ADHD (or who otherwise has this problem) have any luck coming up with things that are relaxing .

The two things I can think of that seem to have helped are playing Tetris (simple enough game that it doesn’t stress me, attention demanding enough to grab my attention and stop me from, you know, focusing on other things) and taking a shower.  The latter doesn’t work obviously when I’m triggered or having a panic attack though because, well, I’m kind of suspicious I get actually delusional when that happens and cutting myself off from the rest of the world has resulted in me being completely convinced someone’s personality was triggering me and that I would have to abandon all my contacts (THIS DOESN’T EVEN MAKE SENSE I KNOW) So basically that’s not a good idea.

Suggestions would be helpful.

(Regardless I think the only thing that’s helped when I’m having panic attacks—as opposed to merely abnormally high stress—is removing the thing triggering the panic attacks, which’ll generally calm me down almost instantly. …except, you know, when I can’t remove the trigger because it’s an intrusive thought. >.<  Well that or medications.  But yeah.  When I’m less slightly panicky but still unpleasantly anxious, though, some advice would be helpful.)


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