Jul. 25th, 2011

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Like I'm cool with a tiered feature thing where you pay for extra features, because I mean, this place needs to make money and well, some of these features are pretty optional and I could see them being a perk (like having polls for example.)

But anyway.  I was reading through this

Some of these seem really problematic.  Most notably, lack of mass editor unless you pay, inability to subscribe to comment threads (And actually, the fact that even with a paid account you can only get notifications of replies to your comments by email and not by your inbox? WTF.), inability to edit comments.

Charging you to rename your journal and charging you for use of analytic software.  I mean those aren't necessarily awful but I mean, if you're dealing with harassment or stalking it's like "Well we can help you avoid your stalkers... BUT ONLY IF YOU PAY US"

A number of these seem really fucked up, like, charging to have extremely basic features, or not entirely basic features, but features that might be essential to some people (editing comments is a serious problem if you're, you know, dyslexic/dyspraxic and OCD.  Gluh.)

I'm also bothered that paid accounts can be notified of de-access and de-subscribing because I've had experiences where I needed to do one of those and I really really really did not need the person in question having their attention called to it.

Nobody is likely to care about this; but I'm pretty frustrated right now at this sites commitment to inclusivity because it's turning out to be a bit kyriarchal. >.<


eateroftrees: Emily's head from the side (Default)
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